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Green Hills

​松野 知紀

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​ジンベエザメ株式会社 最高財務責任者

​世界経済フォーラム グローバルシェイパー



Knovva Academy 大使

​ハーバード大学国際開発センター (CID)



Harvard Undergraduate Japan Policy Network Think Tank Project; Research and Policy Recommendations on Local Digital Currency and Worker Cooperatives (2022-23)

Tech Science Project (GOV 1433 - Harvard University); Violation of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by AI-based Job Video Interview Services (2022)

ArcGIS Project (HIST1026 - Harvard University); Transformation of Company Town – Hitachi City, Exploring The Postwar Historical Implications of Hitachi City in Industry (2021)

Physics Research Project (Hakua R; The Relationship Between Rotation Fall of An Aircraft and Drag Force (2019-20)

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